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Welcome to the Mineral Balance. A place with optimal health in mind.

In our body we have 16 truly essential minerals which are utilised for every different bodily function. As the name suggests, they are absolutely essential! Our modern world focuses on all manner of vitamins but rarely do you hear of minerals. The real power-houses of the supplement world. These minerals are kept in a careful balance to ensure our bodies are functioning correctly. However, in the world of poor nutrition, diet fads, environmental toxins and pollutants- these important minerals are often out of balance. This can lead to anything from niggling body pains to full blown chronic health conditions.

The ultimate guide to mineral balancing in the body

You’re probably thinking- what’s the big deal? I’ll supplement whichever mineral I’m deficient in and fix the issue. If only things were so easy. Each and every one of our 16 essential minerals are needed in not only specific amounts, but also specific ratios to one another. With the availability of high quality supplements we give ourselves the ability to alleviate or even fix many health ailments. This is where health-conscious people can run into a lot of problems. Simply taking one mineral independently can lead to unwanted side effects. Leading us to purchase supplement after supplement whilst chasing our tail. We can very easily distort the ratios between each mineral which can lead to further health complaints. Starting to sound familiar? If so, you’ve come to the right place. 

Mineral Balance was founded with this dilemma in mind. Whilst we all want to be more autonomous and independent with our health- we must be aware that incorrectly supplementing, especially minerals, can very quickly lead to some rather nasty health complaints. Here’s where we come in.

Take charge of your and your families health today and find out how to maintain physical, mental, and energetic health.

Whilst I am not a health professional if you have a specific question about health, supplements, or this field in general I love to help people out! If you have any questions please contact us today where I’ll aim to respond as soon as possible.

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