How long does it take to get rid of parasites?

how long does it take to get rid of parasites

When performing any type of detox or cleanse the ultimate aim is a relief of symptoms. Healing from chronic illness takes a lot of discipline, much more than simply taking a new supplement or medicine. But with great discipline comes great rewards. When undertaking a parasite cleanse for example, how long is it likely to take?

Getting rid of parasites normally takes anywhere from 30-60 days. Performing a parasite detox for any less amount of time runs the risk of reinfection. This is because many parasites have a life-cycle of over 30 days.

Cleanses are no joke, but they should absolutely be considered to get long lasting results. Maintaining a parasite cleanse for the right amount of time is an important part of detoxing and there’s varying information on just how long this should take. Let’s find out why you should go the distance to ensure you’re completely rid of these critters.

How long should my parasite cleanse be?

Searching for parasite cleanses online will bring you thousands of results. Each brand claiming to offer the strongest or fastest results. Whilst a quick cleanse may sound appealing, often times they may prove inneffective.

Getting rid of parasites can take different lengths of time depending on both the parasite and the host. A person with a strong immune system who has a low parasite burden to begin with will heal much faster than an immunocompromised individial.

A parasite cleanse will take a longer or shorter time depending on the method used to remove them. For example a herbal parasite cleanse may take longer than a pharmaceutical drug based cleanse albeit with fewer side-effects. Pay attention to the product or medicine you are using.

As always if you are using an anti-parasitic that’s been perscribed by a doctor then always follow the recommended instructions. If you are using a home-based remedy such as Black Walnut Hull, Clove and Wormwood, then it’s generally safe to take these for much longer durations. This is because herbal remedies often have much fewer side-effects and can often be beneficial to the immune system.

How long is a parasite cleanse?

Parasite cleanses are often perscribed as a set amount of time. This can often be as short as two weeks or upwards of a number of months. The duration of a parasite cleanse is determined by the results the individial is experiencing.

For example, a person who is still suffering from a high parasite burden after a pretermined 2 week cleanse will need to continue a little longer. Likewise if a person who intended on a month long parasite cleanse has complete reduction in symptoms after 2 weeks then they may stop earlier.

This is not to say some people don’t need a great deal of time on a cleanse. Many unfortuante people have had to endure months and almost years on a parasite cleanse, although this is uncommon. Normally this is the result of a person suffering from multiple chronic illnesses, a poor immune function, and oftentimes an imperfect detox routine.

As always when embarking on any cleanse it’s important to listen to your own body. No two people are the same and everyone reacts differently when taking herbs or medicine. Detoxing isn’t always fun & games, oftentimes it can be mentally and physically exhausting. For this reason we want to ensure our cleanse is complete as quickly as possible in order to reduce the grief it may cause.

As a wise man once said, “get in, do the work, get out”. There’s no point prolonging the pain of a detox for detox sake. The goal is to rid the body of toxins and allow it to return to it’s natural state of high functionality.


The time it takes to completely rid yourself of parasites is unique to the individual. Some people are naturally able to fight off parasites much better than others, which is usually the result of a strong immune system. Others are plauged by difficult to reach parasites that may cause a great deal of trial and error to address.

Above all, most home remedy parasite cleanses should take anywhere from 30-60 days. This is because many parasites have 30 day life-spans. Killing the mature parasites can leave their larvae to hatch, whilst killing the eggs only leaves the adults alive to lay more eggs. This is why it’s important to see a round of anti-parasitic herbs or medicine through their entire duration.

Do you think you may be suffering form parasites but don’t know where to start? Read our Parasite Cleanse: A Daily Routine to learn what herbs to try, foods to avoid, and best practices to start.

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