How to know if a parasite cleanse is working?

How do I know my parasite cleanse is working?

When you embark on any cleanse it can be a series of trials and errors. This is the same for a natural health cleanse, a psychological cleanse, or even a spring clean of your house! Whatever the cleanse it can involve a lot of hard work and mental discipline. Above all else we want to know that the cleanse is bringing us results. Parasite cleanses are no different so how do we know if our chosen routine is actually working?

You generally recognise a parasite cleanse is working from the reduction of apparent symptoms you were previously experiencing. Whilst these symptoms are often subtle and varied, sometimes they are much more apparent. Seeing dead parasites leaving in the toilet bowl is one example of how you know a parasite cleanse is definitely working.

Starting a parasite cleanse can be daunting, especially when you have no idea what to expect. Whilst the reactions you experience can be unique to you, there are some tell-tale signs that the cleanse is working.

Is my parasite cleanse working?

You should know if your chosen parasite cleanse is working by a reduction in symptoms. Symptoms of a parasite burden do not have a concrete definition which is what makes them so difficult to detect. After all, parasites have spend millions of years evolving to become as difficult to detect as possible, this way they are left alone in the host to thrive and reproduce.

If you experience skin rashes or itching as a result of parasites. Then a reduction of these symptoms during a parasite cleanse is normally a good indictation that the cleanse is infact working. Whilst other people experience less visible symptoms such as digestive disturbances, IBS type symptoms, food allergies or cravings. These are symptoms that should be monitored carefully to more accurately determine the effectiveness of the cleanse. In addition digestive disturbances are often more subtle and can take a longer period of time to heal.

The most obvious and perhaps mort disturbing sign your parasite cleanse is doing the job is visibly seeing parasites leave in the toilet.

How do you know if you are passing parasites?

Some people see it as liberating, others find it rather disturbing, but passing parasites in a bowel movement is a clear sign your cleanse is doing its intended purpose.

Whilst analysing your stool may not be the top most priority it can often be neccessary during a parasite cleanse. Fear not, no matter what stories you may hear or read online it is extremely unlikely for you to pass a living parasite. Almost 99.99% of the time a parasite will only exit your body after it is dead.

Parasites in stool are often said to look like half digested grains of white rice or sesame seeds. Infact these are the partial remains of tapeworms. When taking measures to expel these parasites they will frequently be ejected in large numbers so identifying them isn’t particularly difficult.

Other smaller parasites such as Giardia are microscopic so even if you were expelling them it wouldn’t be something you could physically see.

Signs your parasite cleanse is working

Other than physically identifying parasites in your stool another way you can notice a parasite burden lowering is a reduction in digestive symptoms. These could include any number of the following:

  • Digestive issues: Bloating, constipation, nausea after eating, gas, allergies.
  • Stool issues: Tanned colour stool, mucus in stool, candida type stool, loose stool, irregular shaped stool.
  • Eating habits: Cravings for carbohydrates and sugary foods, rarely feeling satiated, complete loss of appetite.
  • Skin: Rashes, hives, dry or scaly skin.
  • Sleep: Waking in the middle of the night, restless sleep, night terrors, teeth grinding.
  • Energy: Always fatigued, depressed, achey joints, painful bones, exhausted muscles.

If you have any number of these symptoms they could be caused by parasites. Take note, and if during your parasite cleanse you see a reduction of these symptoms, this is how you know the cleanse is having a positive effect.


When suffering from any chronic disease it can be difficult to stay organised. With brain fog, lack of energy, and a number of physical and mental irregularities, journaling can seem less like a helpful tool and more like a complex mathmatical equation. Nonetheless document what you can, take notes of your main symptoms and if you notice any improvements. This will help you keep track of whatever progress you experience which can keep you motivated if you have a desire to quit. Above all if you can remember just one thing, it’s that no chronic illness dissappears overnight, you have to stick with a parasite cleanse for at least 30-45 days to have a lasting effect.

If you believe you are suffering from parasite overgrowth consider reading our Parasite Cleanse: A Daily Routine for more information on how to tackle this issue.

Parasite Cleanse Routine

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