Best liquid chlorophyll supplement reviews

Best Liquid Chlorophyll Supplement

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How to choose the best chlorophyll supplement

Choosing the best liquid chlorophyll supplement is not as straight forward as you would think. Firstly there’s liquid chlorophyll, powder chlorophyll and chlorophyll drops. Which one is the best? Here we help explain chlorophyll supplement benefits, as well as why liquid chlorophyll supplements are so highly rated.

What is the best liquid chlorophyll brand? If you’re looking to find the best of the bunch then look no further! We have dedicated our time to finding the best chlorophyll supplement of 2021.

You may know chlorophyll as the green substance that helps plant convert sunlight into energy. If so, you’d be right, which is a pretty important process when you think about it. So it comes as no surprise that chlorophyll can provide a powerful health-boost for humans when ingested as a dietary supplement.

Liquid Chlorophyll Supplement Benefits

What are the benefits of a chlorophyll supplement? Beyond sustaining a plants life, there’s many reports that chlorophyll could be extremely beneficial to human health.

Chlorophyll, it turns out, is linked to natural cancer prevention, prevents carcinogenic effects within the body, and protects DNA from damage caused by dangerous moulds like aflatoxin – very similar to the anticancer qualities of chlorophyll-rich chlorella.

It also has a lot of potential as a natural weight-loss element, and those are just a few of the many chlorophyll health advantages, all of which help the body cleanse and function at its best.

Chlorophyll supplements have gotten extremely popular in 2021 thanks to these long lists of reported benefits. Here are just a few more advertised benefits of chlorophyll supplements:

It’s safe to say in 2021 Chlorophyll should be added to any healthy supplement-stack. Now we know some of the chlorophyll health benefits, which chlorophyll supplement is best? Here we provide our top 10 best liquid chlorophyll supplement reviews.

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Top 10 Best Liquid Chlorophyll Supplement

(Updated December 2021)

No.1 - NOW Supplements, Liquid Chlorophyll


No.2 - Benevolent Nourishment, Chlorophyll Liquid Drops

No.3 - WILD FUEL Liquid Chlorophyll with Spirulina

No.4 - VitaSnacks Chlorophyll Liquid Drops

No.5 - Liquid Chlorophyll Drops by MaryRuth's

No.6 - Chlorophyll Liquid Drops - 100% Natural and Vegan Safe

No.7 - Chlorophyll Liquid Drops - 100% Natural and Vegan Safe

No.8 - Chlorophyll Liquid Drops - 100% All-Natural Concentrate by Earth to Humans

No.9 - Hiraya Pure Vegan Liquid Chlorophyll

No.10 - Stamiron Chlorophyll Liquid Drops 12,000mg

Best organic liquid chlorophyll review

I’m sure you would love to eat organically as much as possible, but it can be tricky, that’s why buying organic liquid chlorophyll should be made easy. When choosing our supplements we often forget that certain products contain GMO ingredients that we wouldn’t normally put on the dinner table.

Choosing organic liquid chlorophyll should be no different, you deserve the best product, with the most wholesome ingredients, at the best price! Organic chlorophyll supplements don’t have to be the most expensive either, certain brands of chlorophyll have best practices and choose organic more often than not. If you’ve decided you want to invest in a top rated organic liquid chlorophyll then choose from the following selection.

Here we’ve decided the winner of our best organic liquid chlorophyll drops:

Best Organic: Hiraya Pure Vegan Liquid Chlorophyll

Best liquid chlorophyll drops review

When choosing the best chlorophyll drops there’s more than just one option. That’s because chlorophyll supplements are available as condensed tablets, powders, concentrated liquid, and liquid drops. So which is best? Well capsule or tablet supplements often contain filler ingredients to keep the main product fresh, sometimes these are cheap bulking agents that serve no benefit to the body.

That’s why liquid chlorophyll is a more popular choice with health minded shoppers. Leave the fillers and other nasty ingredients behind and aim to get 100% pure organic chlorophyll when possible.

If you’re looking for the best liquid chlorophyll reviews then get comfortable. Taking chlorophyll drops means one less capsule or pill to swallow- which is always a good thing in my opinion! Simply add a few liquid chlorophyll drops to a glass of water or juice in the morning and you’re set.

The best liquid chlorophyll review: NOW Foods Liquid Chlorophyll


Is chlorophyll good for you

Despite all the recent publicity and attention you may still be wondering, is chlorophyll actually good for you? The answer would be a resounding yes! Chlorophyll has a number of health benefits that more people are becoming aware of.

Whilst scientific publications explaining if chlorophyll supplements are good for us are limited, this doesn’t paint the full picture. Often times natural substances are overlooked in medical studies due to their lack of patentability, meaning these substances can’t be copyrighted, so its more difficult for pharamaceutical companies to make money from them.

However there is plenty of research both medically and anecdotally to suggest chlorophyll is very good for the body!

Studies have confirmed chlorophyll’s highly potent antioxidant properties, capable of protecting our mitochrondia, which are the cells that produce chemical energy to power our body.

What is liquid chlorophyll

After all of this information you might still be wondering, what exactly is liquid chlorophyll? Simple. Liquid chlorophyll is the name given to a concentrated formula containing the stablisised chemical chlorophyll, the molecule that allows plants to convert sunlight into energy for them. It’s also what gives plants their familiar green colour.

If you’re wondering why its popular in liquid form rather than pills. That’s for a number of reasons. Firstly pills can often be full of ingredients that aren’t what we want to ingest in the first place. Secondly chlorophyll is often said to be the ‘blood’ of the plant, so it makes sense to keep it in liquid form. Lastly, liquid supplements allow us to have many times stronger supplements, rather than eating 5 or 10 pills, we can simply add as many concentrated drops to a glass of water as we prefer. This makes it even easier to give this green health elixr to friends, family, or children.

best liquid chlorophyll supplement

Liquid chlorophyll benefits for women

Chlorophyll has been shown overall beneficial to humans, but what are the benefits of chlorophyll for women?

Whilst not exclusive to women there are several cosmetic benefits many of us are interested in.

  • Improves detoxification pathways which helps maintain better skin & hair
  • Studies suggested a gel containing chlorophyllin helped reduce both large visible pores and facial acne
  • Has been proven to help with blood deficiency disoders, an example would be anemia

How much chlorophyll should you take daily

If you’re wondering what the ideal daily intake of chlorophyll then worry not. In all honesty, because chlorophyll is a naturally occuring molecule that is found in rich quantities in green leafy vegetables, it means it’s not easy to identify how much chlorophyll you should ingest daily.

If you are interested in taking large doses of chlorophyll the healthiest way would most likely be from a diet high in green leafy vegetables. Why is this? Because vegetables not only contain high levels of chlorophyll but are often rich in fibre and other phytonutrients that in combination help our overall health, wellbeing, and digestion.

However if you want to know how much chlorophyll supplements you should take daily, then we refer you to the general guidelines of most supplement brands. As you can see from our table, most brands have chlorophyll in amounts between 50-100mg per dose. In addition most chlorophyll brands advise only one of these doses is neccessary per day.

As always we suggest to start off at the brands recommended dose and adjust depending on how your body reacts.

Does chlorophyll help with body odor

If you’ve spent much time at all researching chlorophyll then you may have come across this surprisingly touted benefit, but is it true? That’s right. Can chlorophyll help with body odor. Remarkably after researching the topic this seems to be one of the main reasons why people buy chlorophyll supplements. Which generally suggests it’s having some sort of positive effect. So can chlorophyll be used as a natural deodorant? Let’s find out.

Firstly we need to know why would chlorophyll help with your body smell. This is surprisingly simple and interesting answer.

The smells, or nasty smells at least, in our body are partly due to the bacteria that live alongside us. This is because certain bacteria actually feed upon the sugar based proteins within the sweat. When researched it was found that sweat itself is a mostly odourless liquid, but it was the bacteria themselves that caused the smell. The reason these bacteria smell is because after feeding they release chemicals called thioalcohols!

Now you’re probably thinking, that’s all well and gross, but what does this have to do with chlorophyll. Okay, the origin of this belief goes way back to a study made many years ago, the study was made to determine if chlorophyll could be used to reduce the odor from people with colostomy bags. If you didn’t already know, colostomy bags are surgically implanted bags that hold feces of people who have had part of their intestines removed. One of the side-effects associated with this surgery is managing the smell associated with it.

In comes Chlorophyll to the rescue. Studies found that indeed it was true, chlorophyll is able to neutralise bad smells. Although the reasons have never been quite made clear, some people theorise that with more beneficial bateria from the chlorophyll, there is less ‘food’ for the bad bacteria to munch on, and therefore less waste products being made by them. Overall, making for a better smelling enviroment.

So now you know, if you’re looking for a natural way to reduce body odor, then chlorophyll could be your perfect choice! What’s more, if you using chlorophyll to improve body odor, you’re also feeding your body with some nutrient-packed greens at the same time! That’s what I consider a win-win.

“Did you know that bad body odor is also attributed to a lack of magnesium? Many people report a massive improvement in their body smell after supplementing with the correct magnesium (myself included).To discover if you are suffering from magnesium deficiency symptoms visit our mineral balancing guide


Can chlorophyll help bad breath

We’ve established that chlorophyll can help with odors of the armpit variety, but does chlorophyll help with bad breath?

Well similarly to how chlorophyll is suspected to help with body-odor, the same mechanism is suspected to occur with bad breath. If we are to understand that bad breath is a result of bacteria in our mouth feeding on whatever food or sugar we have left behind, then naturally we can assume if we reduce that food source, the bacteria are less likely to thrive!

Well that’s exactly what people speculate is behind chlorophylls amazing odor eliminating qualities. It would only take you 5 minutes to research the thousands of reviews of people who believe chlorophyll has improved bad breath for them.

What’s more, chlorophyll is 100% natural, meaning if you include it in your diet or supplement routine, there’s very little risk of side-effects. Afterall, chlorophyll is found in high quantities in green leafy vegetables, which have long been known as a secret to good health! Go and ditch the chemical filled mouthwash, and use chlorophyll as a breath mint going forward to naturally reduce your bad breath.

Final opinion on chlorophyll supplements

You’ve now read though the best chlorophyll supplement reviews as well as learnt all about the benefits of chlorophyll. Will chlorophyll be a supplement thats added to your health stack? I certainly think it’ll be something thats staying in mine. For starters it’s a great value supplement, with many of our recommended chlorophyll products having a 3 month supply or more, along with a very reasonable price tag.

Chlorophyll supplements also have very little downsides (other than the occasional green poo), they have very little filler ingredients, especially when in liquid form. Most importantly chlorophyll supplements have a great range of benefits including reducing body odor, reducing bad breath, increasing energy and even protecting several organs!

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