Best Magnesium Oil Spray Supplement

Best Magnesium Oil Spray

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How to choose the best magnesium oil spray

Deciding which magnesium spray is best can be challenging. Firstly, magnesium is available in powders, pills, capsules, and most recently transdermal oils or sprays. So how do we do know which form is best? Here we’ll dive into the benefits of magnesium supplements, as well as why more people believe magnesium oil spray is best.

So what makes a top-rated magnesium spray, and does magnesium oil have benefits for the body?

You may know magnesium as a popular supplement for sleep, anxiety, or even restless leg syndrome. If so you’re on the right track, but magnesium has been shown to be effective for so much more. Magnesium is an essential mineral in the body which is suggested to be responsible for over 300 enzymatic processes. That’s a lot! So it comes as no surprise that low levels of magnesium can have some pretty serious consequences.

Benefits of magnesium oil spray

Is magnesium spray effective? Beyond being responsible for over 300 enzymatic processes, what recognisable functions does magnesium play a part in?

Magnesium is necessary for many basic bodily functions including, energy production, mood regulation, and digestive health. But more importantly adequete magnesium levels have been strongly associated with reduced risk of cancer. 

What’s more, correct magnesium levels contribute towards a healthy weight. It does this by maintaining healthly levels of blood sugar as well as insulin. This can aid in maintaing a healthy weight and has been shown in studies to help people who are obese or overweight.

Magnesium oil supplements have gained a lot of attention in recent years due to supposed increased absorption benefits. If you’re sat there thinking is magnesium oil effective? Worry not. Below we have compiled important advertised benefits of magnesium oil:

Judging by the huge list of reported benefits, magnesium levels should be something we’re all focused on. Now we’ve discussed just some of the magnesium benefits, what is the best topical magnesium? Here we’ve compiled our top 10 magnesium spray reviews.

Top 10 Magnesium Oil Spray Supplement

(Updated December 2021)

No.1 The best magnesium oil spray : BetterYou Pure and Clean Magnesium Spray


No.2 - Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil Spray Bottle

No.3 - Seven Minerals Pure Magnesium Oil Spray - Big 12 fl oz

No.4 - Essentially Based Magnesium Oil Spray - Large 12oz Size - Extra Strength

No.5 - Life-Flo Pure Magnesium Oil | 100% Pure Magnesium Chloride Spray

No.6 - NOW Solutions, Magnesium Topical Spray, 8-Ounce

No.7 - Pure Magnesium Oil Spray (16 oz.)

No.8 - Magnesium Oil Spray - Large Half Gallon (64oz Size)- Essentially Based

No.9 - Extra Strength Ultra Pure Magnesium Oil Spray 8 OZ by Aromasong Store

No.10 - Kaiame Naturals Magnesium Oil Spray, Large 12 oz, Undiluted, Pure and Organic

Magnesium oil spray

When choosing the perfect magnesium to purchase there’s a few things you should consider. That’s because magnesium is one supplement that has many different types, there’s magnesium chloride, glycinate, malate, taurate, oxide, citrate and even more! Whilst supplement companies would have you believe otherwise, many of these supplements do very similar things to the body.

The main difference would be how well they are absorbed. This where magnesium oil has benefits far infront of the competition. Taking supplements in the form of capsules or pills have been the gold standard for many years. However as we become more health aware many people realise that these pills or capsules are commonly filled with all sorts of other unhelpful ingredients! This is normally to stabilise the supplements main ingredient, but sometimes it’s to mask a taste, or even just to fill the space in the capsule (not good!).

This is where magnesium oil is most effective. Forget nasty filler ingredients because with magnesium oil it almost always consists of just one or two helpful ingredients! Leave the unhelpful filler ingredients behind and instead look towards the top magnesium oils.

If you have been searching for the top magnesium spray then stay tuned. Using magnesium spray means you’re getting the best most effective form of magnesium available, without having to take a handful of capsules! 

Top Rated magnesium oil spray : BetterYou Pure and Clean Magnesium Spray


BetterYou transdermal magnesium tops our list for a number of reasons. Firstly and most importantly BetterYou brand focuses very strongly around quality magnesium supplements. Whilst many people jump on the bandwagon of supplement production, BetterYou is very clearly focused around creating the best quality magnesium supplements.

This is a brand that creates articles explaining the benefits of magnesium in a considered and genuine manner. Not only do they produce a high quality magnesium oil, they’ve created a whole range of mangesium based products. This includes magnesium flakes perfect for baths and foot soaks, a magnesium lotion that’s great for sensitive skin, and even a magnesium spray that includes essential oils targeted at a better sleep.

Whilst BetterYou magnesium doesn’t have the largest amount of servings, this is due to its slightly smaller bottle than most competitors. However, I can personally comment that it has by far the most accurate estimated dose. With 200mg of magnesium ‘gauranteed’ per 10 sprays- it really feels as if this is the dose you get. A powerful relaxation is felt almost immediately after applying and there’s a quality to the oil that you don’t feel with others.

Is magnesium spray effective

If you’ve spent much time looking at new supplements then you would have seen just how popular magnesium sprays have become, but you may be wondering is magnesium spray effective? The answer is absolutely yes! Magnesium has a huge list of reported benefits to the body and magnesium spray is an even more efficient means of absorbing this important mineral.

Whilst the medical literture concerning magnesium spray is limited, it isn’t the best representation of this particular magnesium. Firstly, magnesium sprays are simply a form of magnesium referred to as magnesium chloride. Magnesium chloride has been found to be as effective as magnesium aspartate, citrate and lactate, and  these forms are absorbed more completely and is more bioavailable than magnesium oxide and magnesium sulfate. If you’re wondering does magnesium spray work? The scientific literature says yes.

Nonetheless there is huge body of both medical and anecdotal evidence proving just how effective magnesium is! Asking if magnesium spray is effective is no different to asking whether magnesium itself is effective. If you’ve ever regularly taken magnesium for a period of time then you’ll likely attest to just how effective it can be.

Studies have confirmed that low levels of magnesium can contritbute towards hypertension, heart arrhythmias, diabetes, osteoporosis, migraines, premature ejaculation, premenstrual syndrome, and insomnia, to list just a few.

In summary, magnesium spray is effective, possibly even more effective than magnesium oxide and sulfate, two other popular forms of this supplement.

What is magnesium spray good for

After all, you may be asking yourself, what is magnesium spray good for exactly? Magnesium spray is useful for all the same ailments that orally ingested magnesium is effective for. This means you can use magnesium oil directly instead of magnesium capsules or pills. If you’ve ever sat there with bottles and bottles of supplements, thinking to yourself this is too much! Many people have been in the same situation, and it’s exactly why people are shifting towards topically applied magnesium.

So to answer, magnesium spray is good at avoiding one more supplement to pop in the morning, instead enjoy the benefits of self-love, and massage some natural magnesium oil directly into your skin each morning.

Best magnesium oil spray

Magnesium spray for pain relief

Can magnesium spray be used for pain relief? Absolutely. In fact, many people report that using magnesium spray is incredibly effective for localised and chronic pain relief. This is due to magnesium chlorides amazing ability to be quickly absorbed. If you’ve ever injured your knee, ankle or back, then you’ll understand the desire for localised pain relief.

With topical magnesium spray that’s exactly what you can do. Simply massage the desired amount of magnesium oil into your problem area. Within just 5-10 minutes you should begin to feel pain relieft from the magnesium. This is something that wouldn’t be as effective if you were to use orally ingested capsules or pills.

Magnesium spray for joint pain

Magnesium has a long list of applications, but you may be wondering about magnesium spray for joint pain?

Magnesium spray is reported to be incredibly effective for joint pain number of reasons.  Magnesium has anti-imflammatory benefits, it is essential in the absorption and mobilisation of calcium, and lastly helps to reduce oxidative stress.

This combination of functions all contribute towards reduced join pain, which is why magnesium is often used for people with joint problems, arthritis or general joint pain. What makes topical magnesium so effective is that it can be applied directly to the problem area.

Most effective magnesium spray for joint pain: BetterYou Magnesium Oil Spray with Glucosamine for Joints


BetterYou magnesium oil spray with Glucosamine is specifically designed to be the best formula for joint pain. Recognising the important of pain relief around joints BetterYou have included a number of extra ingredients to combat this common problem. This includes Glucosamine sulphate which is believed to encourage cartilage formation and helps maintain joint lubrication, promoting strength and movement.

  • Magnesium Oil Body Spray: Relieve muscle stiffness and improve joint flexibility with a natural blend of magnesium chloride and glucosamine; 10 sprays deliver 100mg of magnesium and 50mg of glucosamine
  • Magnesium Therapy: Specially formulated for effective magnesium absorption, our magnesium spray oil supports normal joint function and helps you stay supple and flexible
  • Pure Formula: A natural muscle relaxant, our magnesium chloride spray is enhanced with cooling menthol and eucalyptus oils; Our muscle spray is also certified palm oil derivative free
  • Planet-Friendly Packaging: Our magnesium spray for skin comes in carbon-negative, plant-based packaging
  • Intelligent Supplementation: BetterYou is dedicated to providing scientifically formulated products that use high-quality ingredients and the most effective and convenient delivery methods possible

If you’re looking for a premium magnesium for joint pain relief you can’t go wrong with BetterYou and their targeted formula.

Best topical magnesium

Looking for the best topical magnesium shouldn’t be a chore, but what makes the best topical magnesium product?

When chosing magnesium spray you want to keep an eye on several important factors. Topical magnesium is usually found in the form of magnesium chloride mixed with water. You’ll want to identify where this magnesium originates from and what it is mixed with.

A good rule of thumb is to only look for magnesium chloride from the Zechstein sea beds. What is that you might ask? Zechstein is technically the term used to refer to a time period between middle to late permian age. Which incredibly spanned roughly 48 million years ago! So you can safely say this type of magnesium has been a long time in the making.

Other than being incredibly old, the reason minerals from the Zechstein make the best topical magnesium is simple, this ancient seabed hasn’t been touched by man-kind and any of its many toxic petro-chemicals. Meaning its some of the most pure and unadulterated non-toxic forms of magesiums to exist on earth!

Secondly, you want to know exactly how much topical magnesium you’ll be getting per serving. On average you can be looking at anywhere between 5mg to 40mg per spray. Whilst these stats are usually exagerrated by the manufactures its an important measurement nonetheless.

Third and lastly, you want to know how many of these doses you’ll be getting per bottle, we refer to this as servings in our Top 10 Magnesium Oil Spray Supplement table. When you factor in all of these considerations you can find the best topical magnesium for your needs. Do you want a large supply? Choose the biggest bottle. Do you need a high concentration? Choose the highest magnesium per spray. etc.

“Did you know that bad body odor is also attributed to a lack of magnesium? Many people report a massive improvement in their body smell after supplementing with the correct magnesium (myself included).To discover if you are suffering from magnesium deficiency symptoms visit our mineral balancing guide


Magnesium oil for restless legs

Can magnesium oil help restless legs? I can personally comment on this and without a doubt magnesium helped my resltess legs, if not completely got rid of it! If you suffer from this habit you’ll know how infuriating restless legs can be, and for anybody sitting next to you as well!

Restless legs whilst having no medical definition is thought to result from a combination of muscles that can’t relax and nerves that aren’t firing properly. When your muscles and nerves aren’t communicating with your brain effectively your leg muscles tense and relax rapidly which results in a twitching sensation known as restless leg syndrome.

Is magnesium spray effective for RLS? Magnesium spray can help restless legs by addressing the issue of tense muscles. Magnesium can help to relax muscle cells from their contracted state and is directly needed for correct nerve function. Whilst medical studies proving its effectiveness in this area are scant, many online testimonials help us to gain an understanding of just how well magnesium works for resltess legs.

When looking for magnesium oil for restless legs- aim for a high concentration per spray for best results.

Considerations when buying magnesium spray

You’ve read through the evidence and you’ve decided to buy some magnesium spray. Which one do you buy? Our Top 10 Magnesium Oil Spray Supplement list should give you some ideas. In each our recommendations we’ve taken into account the overall value, which comes down to sprays per bottle, as well as magnesium per spray.

Further still, its not all about how much magnesium you get per spray either. I’ve used a lot of magnesium spray brands and in my experience a lot of products exagerate their specifications, both the concentration per spray and the overall amount per bottle. Consider me your personal supplement guinea-pig who has tried way too many products in his time. With this in mind, I have adjusted the table for manufacture specs as well as my own experience with the product.

Whether you’re using magnesium for anxiety, restless legs, joint-pain, or just to top up your levels. I hope this review will make it easier to find the perfect magnesium oil supplement for you.

Did magnesium not provide the benefits you imagined? Balancing the minerals in your body can be a complex issue- but it doesn’t have to be! Many symptoms of magnesium defiency are similar to potassium, calcium and sodium deficiency. To discover if you have one of these deficiencies visit our free mineral balancing guide


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