Best Mimosa Pudica Seed Supplements

Best Mimosa Pudica Seed Supplement

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Mimosa Pudica Supplements

In this article we review the best Mimosa Pudica Seed products and explain their benefits.

Mimosa Pudica supplements have exploded in popularity recently but are still holistic doctors best kept secret. A supplement with a single-ingredient that has the power to  transform your digestive health and therefore entirely improve your overall wellbeing.

Why is Mimosa Pudica so effective? Simple. Mimosa Pudica Seeds are fat soluble as well as hugely absorbant. Meaning when swallowed the capsules travel to your stomach where the seeds begin to absorb large amounts of liquid. Now the seeds begin to take on a gelantinous, sticky and binding consistency. In this form they act as a digestive-scrubber, grabbing all the unwanted organisms and toxins that are difficult to remove from your digestive tract. We know there’s much more than just food that enters your digestion, from viruses, carcinogens, pathogens and more. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle an occasional use of a digestive binder such as Mimosa Pudica is absolutely essential.

What’s great is Mimosa Pudica Seeds are 100% natural. This sets it apart from other toxin-binders such as charcoal or enterosgel, which means it can be used for a prolonged duration without disturbing your nutrient balance or stomach-biome.

Finally a natural supplement that delivers on its promises, with fast-acting, visible results. Begin your journey to good health today.

What makes a quality Mimosa Pudica Seed supplement? There are several criteria for choosing the best.

First and most importantly, the seed of the Mimosa Pudica plant holds the most powerful detoxing ability. Whilst the rest of the plant has additional medicinal benefits, to effectively scrub your digestive-tract we require the seed of the plant, because this is the part of the plant that absorbs water and becomes sticky. This means when looking to buy Mimosa Pudica Seed supplements you should ensure the product contains the seeds of the plant, not just any extracted part of the plant.

Mimosa Pudica Supplement Benefits

What are the benefits of a chlorophyll supplement? Beyond sustaining a plants life, there’s many reports that chlorophyll could be extremely beneficial to human health.

Chlorophyll, it turns out, is linked to natural cancer prevention, prevents carcinogenic effects within the body, and protects DNA from damage caused by dangerous moulds like aflatoxin – very similar to the anticancer qualities of chlorophyll-rich chlorella.

It also has a lot of potential as a natural weight-loss element, and those are just a few of the many chlorophyll health advantages, all of which help the body cleanse and function at its best.

Chlorophyll supplements have gotten extremely popular in 2021 thanks to these long lists of reported benefits. Here are just a few more advertised benefits of chlorophyll supplements:

It’s safe to say in 2021 Chlorophyll should be added to any healthy supplement-stack. Now we know some of the chlorophyll health benefits, which chlorophyll supplement is best? Here we provide our top 10 best liquid chlorophyll supplement reviews.

Top 10 Mimosa Pudica Supplements

(Updated December 2021)

No.1 - Mimosa Pudica Seed Capsules (180 Capsules, 3 Month Supply)- Double Wood Supplements


No.2 - Supreme Nutrition Mimosa Supreme, 90 Organic Mimosa Pudica Seeds

No.3 - Codeage Organic Mimosa Pudica Seed Capsules - Mimosa Pudica Seeds Supplement - Black Walnut, Cloves, Vidanga, Neem, BioPerine - All in One

No.4 - VitaSnacks Chlorophyll Liquid Drops

No.5 - Amen Organic Mimosa Pudica Seeds Capsules, 2 Month Supply, Vegan Mimosa Pudica Seed Plant Supplement- Non-GMO

No.6 - Zazzee Mimosa Pudica Seed Extract, 150 Vegan Capsules, 100% Pure, 1000 mg Per Serving

No.7 - Mimosa Pudica Seed 100 Vegan Capsules, 1200MG

No.8 - HERBAMAMA Mimosa Capsules - 1000mg, 100 Caps - Organic Mimosa Pudica Seed Nutritional Supplement Promoting Digestive, Intestinal Function

Best organic Mimosa Pudica seed review

We would all eat organic 100% of the time if cost and availability were no option! But, why should supplements be any different? Choosing an organic Mimosa Pudica product ensures you’re ingesting nothing but the active ingredient. This means no nasty filler ingredients, bulkers, or harmful toxins.

Not all Mimosa Supplement seed products are created equally, as demonstrated above. Some products have different compositions, including the plants stem, leaf or root, whilst others contain 100% seed which is generally considered the most effective part. 

Fortunately if you’re looking to buy an organic Mimosa Pudica seed supplement then we have a highly-rated recommendation.

Codeage Organic Mimosa Pudica Seed Capsules contain a generous 1000mg seed per serving, with an additional blend of black walnut, cloves, vidanga, neem and BioPerine, all known for their ability to rid the body of unwanted organisms. Made from 100% pure organic Mimosa Pudica seed extract, you can ensure your body is getting the best quality product.

Best Organic Mimosa Pudica Supplement: Codeage Organic Mimosa Pudica Seed Capsules - Mimosa Pudica Seeds Supplement - Black Walnut, Cloves, Vidanga, Neem, BioPerine.


Top Mimosa Pudica Seed Supplement

No.1 - Mimosa Pudica Seed Capsules (180 Capsules, 3 Month Supply)- Double Wood Supplements


Mimosa Pudica Seed Health Benefits

The Mimosa Pudica plant has a number of benefits that help us to establish good health. Whilst widely known for its ability to improve digestive health there is recent research suggesting a wide range of additional health benefits.

Health Benefits of Mimosa Pudica

  • Digestive health
  • Eliminates parasites
  • Can support mental health
  • High in antioxidants
  • Ability to repair nerves
  • Protects the liver
  • Can protect against harmful microbes
  • Skin healing properties
  • Anti-diarrheal benefits
  • Protects against ulcers

What is Mimosa Pudica

After all this if you’re still wondering what exactly is Mimosa Pudica Seed then let us explain.

Mimosa Pudica is a flowering bush-type herb that is actually part of the pea or legume family. It resides prodominantly in North, Central and South America, as well as India, Nepal, Mayalsia, Sri Lanka, Japan, Bangladesh and Vietnam.

Whilst many people grow this plant for its curious “Venus Fly Trap” like qualities, as the plants leaves will recoil when touched by a human finger. Whilst its not fully understood how a plant “learns” this behaviour, what is understood is the long list of health benefits of Mimosa Pudica.

Mimosa Pudica has many beneficial properties and different parts of the plant have been used for various ailments. Whilst the plant matter, the leaf, the stems and the root have been used for thousands of years, today we’ll be concentrating on the seed of the plant.

The unique properties of the Mimosa Pudica seed are in full view when they are mixed with liquids. Once mixed with water for example the seeds absorb many times their own weight and create a sticky gel-like subtance. This unique consistency, when travelling through the digestive system, acts as an internal scrubber and detoxifier of the intestinal walls. This unique ability allows the seed to safely remove unwanted organisms & toxins out of the body without any harm.

Best Mimosa Pudica Seed Supplement

Mimosa Pudica Seed Side Effects

When considering a new supplement its always important to be aware of the possible side-effects.

Are there any Mimosa Pudica seed side effects? Fortunately for us, there have been thousands of testimonials spanning many years with no side-effects reported whatsoever. Being a 100% natural ingredient which is hopefully organic and ideally with no fillers, then its extremely unlikely to experience any negative side effects, even in high doses.

What we recommend is to keep your water intake at a high level, this is to ensure you lubricate this sticky-subtance as it trasits through your gut.

What dose of Mimosa Pudica Seed should you take

Finding the ideal dose of Mimosa Pudica seed is relatively simple. Analysing the majority of supplements we find manufactures are offering between 300mg-1000mg per dose on average, with some recommended between 1 – 3 doses per day.

We recommend the following doses for your Mimosa Pudica seed protocol:

  • Beginner level – Up to 1000mg in a single dose, once per day.
  • Intermediate level – Up to 1000mg in a single dose, twice per day.
  • Expert level – Up to 1500mg in a single dose, 3 times per day.

People have had great success using even the smallest doses whilst their body acclimatises to this new supplement. Slowly work your way to the intermediate and then expert level over the course of some weeks, whilst staying hydrated. Be gentle and listen to your body as Mimosa Pudica supplements can be extremely powerful.

Mimosa Pudica supplements should be used for a minimum of 30 days for the best results. Take up to a weeks break, and then begin another 30 day protocol.

“Did you know that parasite overload can happen to anybody, wherever you live in the world? An overload can wreck havoc on your digestive health and immune response. If you suffer from a huge list of unexplained symptoms, then parasites could be the answer!

Mimosa Pudica Seed is an excellent addition to a parasite-cleanse, read my free parasite cleanse daily routine for a bullet-proof parasite fighting protocol.



Mimosa Pudica, in my opinion, is one of the natural supplement worlds best kept secrets! With such a powerful ability to detox the body naturally without toxic chemicals is nothing short of amazing.

A powerful anti-oxidant, a protector of the liver, digestive-scrubber, and parasite eliminator. This tiny-seed packs a potent health kick! With almost no reported side effects, even at high doses, it remains a safe supplement to include in your daily routine.

Tips when buying Mimosa Pudica supplements:

  • Look for an organic supplement when possible
  • Only use the ‘seed’ or ‘seed extract’ if using Mimosa Pudica for digestive issues
  • Aim for 1000mg per serving
  • Try to choose a supplement with minimal or ideally no filler ingredients

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