What Kills Candida Fast? – Top 3 Supplements To Kill Candida

What kills candida fast

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What kills Candida fast?

Firstly, for the sake of this article we have to clarify something early on. Candida is a categorised as part of a genus of yeasts that live inside our body. Typically, Candida is found in the mouth and digestive tract.

Normally, this type of yeast does not cause us issues, in fact in some cases it can even be beneficial. However, when Candida grows out of control, it can cause serious and painful side effects that leave the person suffering in a seriously unwell state.

This being said, it is essentially impossible to kill Candida. I know what you’re thinking, “But I’m here to learn preciscely how to kill my Candida!”

We’ve got you covered. Whilst we may not be able to completely eradicate Candida, we can certainly get it to the point where it no longer bothers you, and where it thankfully becomes largely “unnoticeble” again.

In this article we discuss the essential supplements that kill candida fast.

Can you kill candida fast

If you are somebody that has suffered from candida overgrowth in the past then you’ll already know how irritating it can be. That’s why so many people want to know how you can kill candida fast.

There is no one single rule or method to rid anybody of candida because it effects everyone so differently. However, it certainly is possible to kill candida by using some tried & tested methods. The most effective would be some type of diet adjustment. However that doesn’t mean everybody can get rid of candida so easily just by modifying their diet.

Sometimes we need a little extra help. This may come in the form of an anti-fungal or a digestive aid. Both of which will enhance your detox ability and allow your body to kill candida overgrowth.

Before we mention the best supplements to kill candida, we’ll quickly go over the top 10 most popular myths about fighting candida.

Can you really kill candida quickly? Top 10 myths debunked

There are 2 problems with candida recovery. The candida itself, and incorrect advice! Don’t get stuck on a recovery program that either isn’t helping, or is actually making your candida worse!

We go over the top 10 myths surrounding candida overgrowth recovery. Are you doing any of the following to kill your candida?

If so, you might want to stop!

1. Myth – You can KILL Candida fast:

Candida is a naturally forming gut-flora that ‘lives’ in your intestine. You can’t simply kill candida, no matter how much you may want to! Remember, candida becomes a noticeable problem when an overgrowth of it occurs. When your body is ingesting poor food, or its immune system is compromised, then oftentimes candida growth becomes uncontrollable. However, with correct diet and other lifestyle changes, it is possible to kill candida overgrowth and return the body to a level of balance.

2. Myth – I need to kill my candida with medicine or it will return:

Thankfully, WRONG! Whilst there is certainly a time and a place for modern medicine, candida overgrowth does not need medicine to cure. Remember, it is the body environment that is attractive or not attractive to candida overgrowth. Adding medicine into your body won’t change the terrain, which ultimately is what the candida is assessing before digging its roots.

3. Myth – You can kill candida quickly using antibiotics:

First things first, if only this were true, it would make this issue a whole lot easier. So why don’t we hear people who have eliminated a fungal-overgrowth with antibiotics shouting from the rooftops? Well, the answer is quite simple. You cannot effectively kill a fungal overgrowth, such as candida, with an antibiotic. The clue is in the name. Antibiotics target and eliminate certain bacteria in our body, namely our digestive tract and gut.

However, it has been proven that an inbalance in healthy gut flora is precisly the cause of fungal overgrowth, aka candida. Yes, that’s right. Not only can you not kill candida quickly with antibiotics, you may even be doing yourself more harm!

4. Myth- If you kill candida fast, you will have die off symptoms:

As we already mentioned, you can’t actually kill candida, not really. Whilst this isn’t the answer we’re all necessarily looking for, it does help in the case of die-off symptoms. You can’t have die-off symptoms if there’s nothing dieing! However, that doesn’t mean clearing candida is painless bells & whisltes. (we wish it was!)

Whilst it’s unlikely to suffer any serious die off symptoms, often referred to as a herxheimer reaction, there are changes in your body that you may notice. After all, to completely kill candida overgrowth a drastic lifestyle change must be made.

This can often involve an overall change to your diet, including a number of beneficial herbs, an inclusion of antifungals (whether natural or other), or fasting of some type.

Whilst a gradual change in diet can often result in slow changes, there could be times when a detoxing reaction does occur. This could be a result of detoxing too quickly where your elimination organs aren’t able to remove the waste matter. Thankfully, there are products that can help with exactly that problem. Say hello to binders.

Binders to kill Candida fast

One of the most effective ways of relieving detox symptoms is inclusion of binders in your protocol. Binders are products we ingest that act as digestive sponges to absorb harmful chemicals or organisms. Different binders are more or less effective at binding specific chemicals or organisms, but they’re are designed to attract and safely escort these unwanted visitors safely out of the body.

One extremely effective digestive binder is modified citrus pectin. Not only does it disrupt stubborn biofilms but it also has incredible anti-cancer benefits. If you want to truly revolutionse your gut health – try including Pectacsol-C into your protocol. The only dietary binder proven effective in lab conditions, including against cancer and others.

Other popular binders effective against candida include zeolite, bentonite clay or activated charcoal. In addition there is a very powerful natural binder known as Chlorella. This single-celled green fresh-water algae has a powerful binding and detoxing ability. Not only that, Chlorella packs a powerful nutrional punch being high in iron, vitamin C, omega-3’s, fiber and even protein!


5. Myth – You can kill candida quickly with this 7-10 day detox:

Again, this is one of those statements that we wished were true. I mean, if getting rid of candida was possible in one week then there wouldn’t be so many people suffering with candida.

There are stacks of anti-candida cleanses being sold either online, or in your local health store that claim to rid the body of candida FAST! Many involve the inclusion of new supplements, juices, diets, and other perfectly valid techniques. These are often developed to increase the speed of your detox, whether through increased elimination, or by enhancing your detox pathways. None of these things, on their own, are necessarily bad.

However doing too many things that change your normal body routine too quickly, could actually put added stress on your elimination organs such as digestive tract, liver, kidneys or even skin.

Let’s get this straight, detoxing anything including candida, should not be about how quickly we can get it over with. Detoxing is a process where we rebuilt the elimination sites that might not be in good working order, whether this be the liver, kidneys, digestive tract or others. In repairing these areas our own body utilises its powerful detoxification abilities to rid the body of unwanted organism, fungus, bacteria, chemical toxins and others. You don’t want a quick fix, you want a long-term fix.

Silver lining?

Some people say that recovery is as long as one month for every year you have been unwell. Only been unwell for 12 months? Then you could clear your issues in as quick as one month! Are you one of the unlucky ones who have been suffering for 3, 5, or even 10+ years? This is very common! Don’t dispair. Dedicate yourself completely for 12 months and you can get your old life back.

Before you want to close down your computer and eat all sorts of sweet & savory foods in utter frustration. A 12 month detox doesn’t mean you only see benefits by the very end. Many people report improvements in their body within as little as 1 month, even when chronically ill! Each month we get a little better, and before you know it, that pesky candida is a thing of the past!

6. Myth – Candida is toxic in your gut and must be killed with medicines:

We have established candida is no toxin, but rather an overgrowth of candida albicans which are defined as a opportunistic pathogenic yeast. Whilst candida itself is not a toxin, overgrowth of candida could be a result of toxicity within the body. A toxic body lacks a strong immune system powerful enough to keep candida growth under control. Either way, traditional medicine is unlikely to produce noticeable or long lasting results.

7. Myth – You can kill candida in the mouth with hydrogen peroxide:

Many people believe they can quickly kill candida with, wait for it, hydrogen peroxide mouth wash! Whilst there certainly are benefits to using a hydrogen peroxide mouth wash, killing candida wouldn’t be top of the list.

The reason being is a mouth wash will only effect the area in which it comes in most contact with. This is the mouth, tongue, the throat, and for a small time the stomach.

The method in which this technique is supposed to work comes from the strong oxidising effect that Hydrogen Peroxide has on the body. The strong oxidising effect makes it a more difficult environment to harbour candida. In theory this makes sense, however a large volume of hydrogen peroxide would need to be ingested to make a systemic difference. Effective? Possibly. Realistic? Maybe not.

8. Myth – Major dietary changes can quickly kill candida:

Wrong! This is actually one of the few tried, tested, and proven methods to rapidly improve your quality of life.

Altering and specifically improving your diet can not only make a dramatic difference, but can be one of the quickest methods to kill candida. Why? Because removing you can literally eat a diet that starves the candida of its food source, mainly sugar! Remove the prodominent food source and you begin to remove the candida. Fact.

9. Myth – Antifungals have no risks and are totally safe:

Whilst many antifungals are derived from natural ingredients which would make them non-pharmaceuticals. This absolutely does not mean there are no significant risks when taking them. Quite the opposite. Some natural antifungal products are in fact so powerful they can harm the ‘good bacteria’ in our guts as well as effect other supplements or medicines.

10. Myth – You can kill candida with antifungals:

If you’ve spent much time researching candida cures then you’ve likely read about antifungals. These products are often found as pharmaceutical concoctions, supplements, herbs or similar. Antifungals certainly help to treat yeast overgrowth, but you cannot rely entirely on antifungals to kill candida. Choosing the correct antifungal is of great importance.

Top 3 Supplements that Kill Candida Fast

(Updated January 2022)

No.1 - Global Healing Oxy-Powder Oxygen Based Safe and Natural Colon Cleanser


Global Healing revolutionary product Oxy-Powder is a unique oxygenated magnesium that has incredible colon-cleaning capability.

  • Quickly detox your gut while you sleep.
  • Helps alleviate fullness while supporting proper digestion.
  • Easy to take pills contain ozone-oxygenated magnesium and citric acid. The ingredients in Oxy-Powder are clinically proven to be safe and effective.
  • Oxidizes and reduces hard impacted matter. Formulated to not harm natural flora in your gut.
  • Oxy-Powder uses oxygen for gentle cleansing of impurities. Does not require time off work or an interruption to your schedule

This is how you effectively cleanse your bowels before starting your protocol. Whether you use this specific product, or another, it’s imperative you’re having full and regular colon evacuations. If you need a second best supplement, try a quality magnesium citrate.

Directions for use

Your chosen colon cleanser is a mild and non-agressive laxative that works naturally with your body. This product can and should be used whenever you feel your colon is slowing. If you haven’t had 2-3 bowel movements on a particular day, take the requried dose of colon cleanser before bed to ensure a bowel movement when you wake the next day.

2. Candida probiotics: Balance candida yeast, restore healthy flora.


Candida & yeast infections are usually caused by an imbalance in your gut bacteria. Taking probiotics can help balance these ratios so that candida won’t overgrow.

Though not all probiotics are beneficial to suffers of Candida. Natural probiotics and prebiotic foods such as saurekraut are very help at repopulating the stomach biome. However, certain fermented foods should be used in moderation when your suffering from gut problems. Aim to slowly increase your intake of foods such as saurekraut, beet kvass and pickled vegetables, increase gradually to avoid bloating.

To tip the balance in favour of your stomach- a combination of a quality probiotic with prebiotic foods such as those named above, your stomach is able to repopulate the good bacteria and minimise the bad bacteria.

Since systemic candida issues are usually caused by gut flora imbalances, probiotics are a very important part of the treatment. Over the years, many probiotic strains have been tested for efficacy combating candida. Results showed Bacillus Laterosporus BOD strain is one of the better probiotics for candida and fungal overgrowth.

No.2 - Global Healing Latero-Flora Probiotic for Candida


A good example of a probiotic strain that has shown to be very effective against candida would Latero-Flora. Known by its full name as Bacillus laterosporus BOD.  What’s great is this particular strain has shown to be very safe even at extremely high doses.

As digestive issues are common with people suffering from candida- it’s of great importance that Latero-Flora has been proven when studied to assist healthy digestion.

Whilst the above named product Latero-Flora has been shown to be one of the most effective, specifically against candida, you could also opt for another type of quality probiotic product. Although please note, this is not a step you want to skip. Repopulating the good bacteria in your gut is a major part of healing from fungal infections or Candida.

Directions for use:

Serving is size recommended as 2 capsules per day. These should be taken away from anti-fungals or anti-parasite herbs, so that they do not interfere with absorption. They can be taken with or without food, but ensure they are taken away from other supplements for best results.

3. Antifungal Supplements to kill candida fast


When you suffer from Candida overgrowth it is often a symptom of a larger full body fungal infection. This can occur for a number of reasons including inhaling mould spores from a mouldy environment or eating moudly food. Normally our immune system would protect us from everyday exposure, however if you’ve been immunocompromised for any number of reasons, this could lead to what’s known as an overgrowth within your body.

It is now your job to repopulate the good bacteria and elminate the harmfull bacteria, viruses, pathogens and parasites. Doing so will result in a huge burden of maintainence being relieved from your body, when your body has less chronic infections it can spend more time providing you energy and ability to heal from other problems.

Natural Anti Fungals

When you initially realise the stubborn issue of candida can also be seen as a funcal infection- you’re going to want to reach for the most powerful anti-fungal treatment you can get your hands on.

Be careful with this approach. Killing everything and anything as strongly as possible may help to rid the yeast, but you’re not building a healthy environment for the good bacteria to come and take its place. This is very important part in the healing process.

Are you suffering from a noticeable fungal infection? This could be itchy spots, rashes, or other skin problems around the armpits, groin, scalp, ear or legs.

If you feel you need to include an anti-fungal because you’re actively suffering from a visible infection then consider the following. Include a product that will help your body to enhance its own protection against the yeast, as well as develop an enviroment that is welcoming to good bacteria.

No.3 - Global Healing Mycozil - Specifically designed for Candida & Flora Cleanse


Mycozil is specfically designed with candida infections in mind. Designed to help your body create a naturally beneficial enviroment, whilst actively deterring candida albicans.

People are regularly reporting extreme improvements from taking this product alone. This includes recovery from chronic fungal infections such as bad digestion, dry skin, flaky skin, rashes, fungal infected areas including toenail, groin and scalp.

Directions for use:

Mycozil has been reported as very powerful. The recommended serving is 3 capsules per day. I suggest to start with 1 capsule for the first three days, 2 capsules for 3 days after this, and finally remain on 3 capsules until the product is finished. Do not take the product for longer than 6 weeks or you could have adverse side-effects due to its potency.

Final thoughts on supplements that kill candida

Here we have provided you 3 supplements that are truly effective in the fight against candida overgrowth. First we have a digestive aid to ensure your eliminating waste matter completely and regularly. Secondly we have a probiotic specfically formulated to reduce candida and repopulate the friendly bacteria in your gut. Lastly we have a powerful yet natural antifungal, also specifically designed to combat candida overgrowth.

Choose with supplement you believe will help you most. That may be just one or it may be all three. Now you have a base of supplements to supplement your already healthy diet.

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